Mis en avant

La raison d’être de ce site est de partager la musique.
La plupart des musiques présentes ici sont improvisées, fruits de voyages et de rencontres, j’espère qu’elles vous inspireront…

The purpose of this website is to offer music and to present my work.
Most of the tunes are improvised, and come from meetings and journeys, I hope you will be inspired by them… Enjoy !

Sol y Luna : album with Esmeralda Xha


Blue with Esmeralda Xha


Sol Y Luna

Esmeralda Xha, Jérémie Soulas, Laurent Danis


Souls of Rajasthan

Under the storm : new album for 2013

« I have been searching for peaceful music . . and found it here . . it is as if the outside world, so full of mayhem and trouble, rages on beyond an invisible shield . . . for I have shelter from the storm. The music, smooth and calm . . . at times warm, at times cool . . . fills my heart with inner peace and comfort . . . the sounds are bordering on the exotic and yet filled with the familiar . .. A Wonderful listen! » Wolfsong.thePoet

« I really like the wide range of guitar sounds and the use of exotic rhythms. The improvisational journeys lead to some new musical places. » jthar