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La raison d’être de ce site est de partager la musique.
La plupart des musiques présentes ici sont improvisées, fruits de voyages et de rencontres, j’espère qu’elles vous inspireront…

The purpose of this website is to offer music and to present my work.
Most of the tunes are improvised, and come from meetings and journeys, I hope you will be inspired by them… Enjoy !

Souls of Rajasthan

Album ‘Naked ‘by Sarah King and Laurent Danis

Naked is the second album that Laurent and I have worked on together. I think you could say that it represents everything that inspires us musically. Reggae, jazz, soul, folk and rock and includes sounds that are indicative of our backgrounds in London, France and India for a blend that is unique to us.
The lyrics are from my heart and capture moments in my life almost like a photograph or a chapter in a novel.
Although they appear to be about romantic love there is a deeper spiritual element that convey my longing for union with everything. Naked for example can be taken literally or as a stripping of all the covers, emotion, personality, pride etc.
We enjoyed very much the creativity of this album and hope that you will share this with us. Thank you for listening.

Sarah King

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Italian review by Nicola Tenani : here

English version :

India’s Sarah King (who we know from her previous album ‘Who I am » before a stone built town of sound/voice that does not affect the sound performance and also India’s Laurent Danis in a corner of Tamil Nadu here is a journey of sound research and spiritual places of study and knowledge. Read more…

Album ‘Who I am de Sarah King’ and Laurent Danis

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How long does it take two people to meet and merge together into a musical symbiosis?

In the case of Sarah King and Laurent Danis (the French artist was in the first cries of Sounds Behind the corner with many enchanting albums featured).  It took only five  minutes on the lonely and rocky top of Mount Arunachala, a meeting place in hot Tamil Nadu for thinkers and hermits migrating from northern India. A place where Siva, the god of art, the cosmic dancer grants mystical favors, his dance a Vedic form of storytelling.

The ideal place to get two Europeans in search of inspiration, to combine a future synergy elective reality today in the nine songs on « Who I Am », the meeting between the guitar by Laurent Danis, his beautiful, soft, relaxing guitar and vocals,  and the lyrics and soul of Sarah King, a fine songwriter, engaged in offering ethereal folk bordering on jazz.

Nine tracks fed by the sun and the rain, melancholic and joyful introspective lyrics, the beautiful voice of Sarah King goes well with the gentle picking of Laurent Danis, long arrangements for sound living ‘on the road’ but this time the roads are not the typical ‘route’ of the United States, this folk duo grows on the dusty dirt roads and trails of southern India. The insights of short poems become one with those who have lived away from their origins and ironically those same origins become a new journey to rediscover the charm of a pure sweetness conquered in « Soldier Boy, » « Prayer, » « Rise In Love », small minimalist pearls, in some ways similar to some ballads of Norah Jones.   Indeed  Norah Jones also has her roots in India, her father, the sitar player Ravi Shankar.  The sub-continent is a confirmed source of inspiration and exchange between cultures, for all those who seek individuality, find, change.

« Who I Am » is a meeting on the world map, close to the hearts of those who travel through the notes, I close my eyes and open things hidden in the mind and  see everything, perceiving life in its purity.

Under the storm : new album for 2013

« I have been searching for peaceful music . . and found it here . . it is as if the outside world, so full of mayhem and trouble, rages on beyond an invisible shield . . . for I have shelter from the storm. The music, smooth and calm . . . at times warm, at times cool . . . fills my heart with inner peace and comfort . . . the sounds are bordering on the exotic and yet filled with the familiar . .. A Wonderful listen! » Wolfsong.thePoet

« I really like the wide range of guitar sounds and the use of exotic rhythms. The improvisational journeys lead to some new musical places. » jthar